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The Oath of Humanity in Belgium

Belkacem amarouche, a trainer and jurist in European law, is a representative of the Cercle d’éveil (cercle of awakening to “virtues and qualities”, a tool to express and develop one’s potential in a spirit of complementarity). He was invited as a keynote speaker at a seminar for the 17-18 year olds on May 7 in Liège (Belgium). Our relay point Belgium / Algeria dealt with the items of the good-deed and living together in peace, answered many questions from the students and addressed various topics.

At the end of the day, he invited them to act together for a life-giving culture and a sustainable Peace with respect for the Creation and differences. He presented the JIVEP (International Day of Living Together in Peace) on the initiative of Sheikh Khaled Bentounes, and the Oath of Humanity which he signed.

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