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To live on a planet in Peace is the Hope of all human beings

In this dream, women and men are free to choose their own form of commitment. 
They must bring out the best in themselves and put it at the service of humanity.


Each person is filled with spiritual experience, religious background, scientific 
knowledge, philosophical beliefs. 


This richness allows for multiple exchanges and real sharing from which stem 
fraternal solidarity and Peace.


The scale of conflicts and human suffering -of children in particular- provoke a 
collective awareness.

Hence, the signers, responsible for this Pact commit to:


  • Protect all living beings

  • Respect the choice of the individual’s own path to fulfilment 

  • Create bridges that set an example to lay the foundation of a better world,


while respecting everyone’s free will.

FIMB, Femmes Internationales Murs Brisés, Réseaux d’entraide, Education, Humanitaire, Environnement, Ambassadeurs de la Paix, The Blue Swan Guild, Serment de l’humanité, Femme, Santé, Interreligieux, Sainte Philomène, La minute de Marie, Evelyne Mesquida




For 30 years, FIMB has been networking throughout the world and has come to the conclusion that ties originating from a work in common seal a genuine partnership.

The implementation of The Oath of Humanity© is supported by the fundamental values of life that everyone

recognizes on their own path.  

The Oath is based on a moral and/or active commitment with respect for the individual’s free will.

The actions benefit from the support of all signers,

of FIMB and its partners. 



To collect as many signatures as possible in order for FIMB and its partners to bring your voice out to influential figures of every country, in all spheres of society.


By signing The Oath of Humanity©, you give cause for hope and allow to :

Build bridges to know

and value each other better

By signing The Oath of Humanity©, you give cause for hope and allow to :

Take part in common actions in different fields :

Humanitarian missions, Education, Environment, Interfaith, Art, Culture, Sport, Business...

Who is The Oath of Humanity© aimed at ?

Any person of good will concerned

with the advent of a better world.

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